MKMMA week 22a & 23

Here I am at the end at the Master Key Commencement. Wow!  

 What an incredible journey it’s been so full of wonder, joy, love and  bewilderment. Looking back before I knew what Master Keys was, I was lost without a direction hearing a faint voice within crying out. Unable to listen clearly I I thought I knew what I was to do with my life I was in constant search of trying different careers starting my own Air Conditioning company only to find I was still unhappy and lost.  

 Constant distractions of opinions of others and my own, negative influences of television, radio peers. Geez! No wonder so many surrender to being a copy of a copy it seems like there is no other choice… Thanks to the Master Keys and Mark and Davene doing a phenomenal job putting the Master Keys into a workbook to teach people to become self directed thinkers and the incredible job by the Guides and Divas perfecting the teachings. The Master Keys Course has allowed me to stretch, recreate my imagination, it’s allowed me to be nonjudgmental un opinionated   I can now hear the beautiful voice inside me filled with positivity, bliss and encouragement. The journey has been rough but aren’t all journeys../and this is not saying it’s the end it’s the BEGINNING!!!  

 This is the path I know I’ve needed to be on the path to my hearts desire. What is my hearts desire? This is my journey and I’m loving every step of the way!! 



MKMMA week22

The heat is still sticking around and my work load has not slowed but steadied.  Watching the webinar this week there always seems to be something that is talked about that relates to my world within.  Davene had said that if we have been missing assignments unintentionally and we feel bad about not completing them that its a good sign that we are on the right track to reaching our future self.  Not that I feel good about missing assignments but that it feels good to feel bad about missing the assignment as it lets me know I have made great changes.  This week I am unable to complete the silence assignment as I am on a 12 day strait work schedule for the next 12 days.  I definitely am going to find the time when I get a day off to find my future self.

MKMMA week21

A heat wave has come across Arizona causing record temperatures for this time of year, temps reaching into the 90’s plus a 20 consecutive days 85+!   Way too hot for this time of year!  My field of work is HVAC or Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Repair Man, so needless to say my work load doubled due to this record breaking February and its caused me to loose track of reading and keeping up with my blog. It feels like its been eat, sleep, work.  I feel like Im letting my future self down by missing my new habits.  I’m not sure how to settle back in to getting closer to my future me.  Usually with the first hot snap things get crazy then things settle back in. I’m going to keep pressing on!

MKMMA week20

Another week has passed. It’s hard to believe it’s week 20…. It feels like after the webinars Sunday I fall asleep and it’s Friday! As the days pass I feel myself slipping and missing habits. It’s kind of like my Senior year of high school getting to the end of the year and summer vacations around the corner and it feels easy to slack because you know it’s almost over. I have recognized it’s my old blue print sneaking his way back into my head telling me it’s ok it’s almost finished you can relax and coast. But do you know what….THATS NOT ME! 😀 I love what I’ve been doing and it feels great reading and letting positivity rain over me washing away all my bad habits and negativity. I enjoyed this course so much I can’t wait to do it all over but I need to finish what I’ve started and keep up with all my hard work until next September. 



MKMMA week19

I am starting to feel the compounding affects of my gratitude cards. I find myself being grateful for so many things and the interesting thing is I am grateful for for things that used to irritate me. Such as rush hour traffic, waiting a long time at the grocery store, stop lights that seemed to take FOREVER! Since I’ve been so much more grateful the slowest traffic, the longest lines, the super long stop light I’m always on time to where I need to be. WOW!  How amazing! Work seems effortless, what a powerful tool the Master Key is.  


MKMMA week18

This week I want to share a piece from that really sums up this week.

  Today I shall fondle my children while they are young; tomorrow they will be gone, and so will I. Today I shall embrace my woman with sweet kisses; tomorrow she will be gone, and so will I. 

This really hit home to what’s important and it really  is amazing how the Master Keys ties everything all together. I am so grateful for my wife and family!


This week’s webinar Mark had told us to buy the news paper and read 1 obituary everynight this week. During the webinar I heard it but I didn’t put thought to it until I was outside of the convenience store waiting to go and buy a paper. Sitting outside of the convenience store  I had a strange feeling that I was about to read about people who have passed away and it felt creepy. That night I did my new habits of reading and I picked up the paper sifting through the pages looking for the obituaries not liking what I was about to do, and I finally found the obituaries and I gazed at all the people who’ve passed. Reluctant  to read I randomly picked a person and started reading. I’ve never read an obituary and just thought of it as death and really sucking but as I read it opened my eyes to why we are reading obituaries. It is to remember how great of a person our old selves are and how we lived and done great things in our lives and that we will always be remembered and that our legacy will be carried on by our New Blue Print. It is ok to let the Old Blue Print die off as we are starting a new chapter in life.